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Class Details

BR #GWR #Cambrian Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
101494Jul 1904Apr 1928OSW - Oswestry
102996Nov 1904Apr 1928OSW - Oswestry
103597Nov 1904May 1928ABR - Aberystwyth
104398Nov 1904Jan 1933MCH - Machynlleth
106811Jul 1904Jan 1924Mch - Portmadoc
108219Jul 1901Apr 1928MCH - Machynlleth
108481May 1895May 1922- Condemned when acquired
108532Oct 1897Mar 1923BCN - Brecon
108647Dec 1897May 1923MCH - Machynlleth
108861Apr 1893Mar 1926OSW - Oswestry
109062Apr 1893Sep 1928MCH - Machynlleth
109163Apr 1893Oct 1930MCH - Machynlleth
109364Apr 1893Apr 1926BCN - Brecon
109665Apr 1893Nov 1922Osw - Llanidloes
109766May 1893Nov 1927OSW - Oswestry
110067May 1893Jul 1930OSW - Oswestry
110168May 1893Oct 1922Osw - Welshpool (W&L)
110269Feb 1894Dec 1924BCN - Brecon
110370Mar 1894Jul 1922- Condemned when acquired
110471Mar 1894Sep 1925Osw - Llanidloes
110572Mar 1894Jul 1922Osw - Llanidloes
110683May 1895Apr 1931OSW - Oswestry
110784May 1891Jan 1925Osw - Moat Lane
110885Apr 1898Nov 1927MCH - Machynlleth
110986Apr 1898Jan 1924OSW - Oswestry
111050May 1891Jun 1928MCH - Machynlleth
111260May 1895May 1925OSW - Oswestry
111334Jul 1864May 1922- Condemned when acquired
111436Aug 1864May 1922- Condemned when acquired
111516Aug 1878Jan 1925MCH - Machynlleth
111617Aug 1878Sep 1924WRX - Wrexham Rhosddu ?

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 31.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 5.