Class 2361 0-6-0

Class Details
Dean 2361 Class 0-6-0, 20 engines built.
Weight 36 tons 18; Pressure: 140psi; Cyls: 17x26; DW 5ft.
Double frames and underhung outside springs.

BR #GWR #Great Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
2361Sep 1885May 1932DID - Didcot
2362Oct 1885Nov 1946OSW - OswestryWithdrawn June 1939 but reinstated Jan 1940.
2363Nov 1885Oct 1932Chel - Honeybourne
2364Nov 1885Aug 1938WES - WestburyFitted with Belpaire boiler in May 1909.
2365Nov 1885Oct 1928HFD - Hereford
2366Dec 1885Feb 1933WES - Westbury
2367Dec 1885May 19324B - Llandovery
2368Dec 1885Mar 1938BAN - Banbury
2369Dec 1885Nov 1937RDG - Reading
2370Dec 1885Mar 1925SHL - Southall
2371Jan 1886Mar 1930FDG - Fishguard (Goodwick)
2372Jan 1886Feb 1938LLY - Llanelly
2373Feb 1886Nov 1934SPM - Bristol St. Philips Marsh
2374Mar 1886Nov 1930SHL - Southall
2375Mar 1886May 1928WOS - Worcester
2376Mar 1886Dec 1938PDN - Paddington
2377Apr 1886Feb 1931SPM - Bristol St. Philips Marsh
2378Apr 1886Mar 1945SPM - Bristol St. Philips Marsh
2379Apr 1886Feb 1931WOS - Worcester
2380May 1886Sep 1943DYD - Duffryn Yard Port TalbotWithdrawn Sep 1939 but reinstated Nov 1939.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 20.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 4.