Class 3800 4-4-0

Class Details
Churchward GWR 'County' Class.
Weight 55 tons (38 tons adhesion); Pressure: 200psi; Cyls (O): 18x30; DW: 6ft 8 ; TE: 20,530 lbs.
Rough riding at speed so not very successful, relegated to cross-country services.

BR #GWR #Great Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
3800County of MiddlesexMay 1904Mar 1931Brd - Weston-super-Mare
3801County CarlowOct 1906Apr 1931WES - Westbury
3802County ClareOct 1906Apr 1931WES - Westbury
3803County CorkOct 1906Jan 1932OXF - Oxford
3804County DublinOct 1906Mar 1931OXF - Oxford
3805County KerryOct 1906May 1933OXF - Oxford
3806County KildareNov 1906Feb 1931TYS - Tyseley
3807County KilkennyNov 1908Dec 1930DID - Didcot
3808County LimerickNov 1906Oct 1931BRD - Bristol Bath Rd.
3809County WexfordNov 1906Sep 1931LMTN - Leamington Spa
3810County WicklowNov 1906Mar 1931SDN - Swindon
3811County of BucksNov 1906Jan 1931OXF - Oxford
3812County of CardiganNov 1906Jul 1932HFD - Hereford
3813County of CarmarthenNov 1906Nov 1931DID - Didcot
3814County of ChesterNov 1906Jun 1933RDG - Reading
3815County of HantsNov 1906Jan 1932LMTN - Leamington Spa
3816County of LeicesterDec 1906Sep 1931SDN - Swindon
3817County of MonmouthDec 1906Jan 1931SDN - Swindon
3818County of RadnorDec 1906Aug 1931SDN - Swindon
3819County of SalopDec 1906May 1931Brd - Weston-super-Mare
3820County of WorcesterDec 1906May 1931RDG - Reading
3821County of BedfordDec 1911Sep 1931LMTN - Leamington Spa
3822County of BreconDec 1911Apr 1931PPRD - Pontypool Rd.
3823County of CarnarvonDec 1911Apr 1931SDN - Swindon
3824County of CornwallDec 1911Mar 1931HFD - Hereford
3825County of DenbighDec 1911Mar 1931RDG - Reading
3826County of FlintJan 1912Aug 1931OXF - Oxford
3827County of GloucesterJan 1912Dec 1931RDG - Reading
3828County of HerefordJan 1912Mar 1933OXF - Oxford
3829County of MerionethJan 1912Feb 1932OXF - Oxford
3830County of OxfordFeb 1912Feb 1931RDG - Reading
3831County of BerksMay 1904Nov 1930TYS - Tyseley
3832County of WiltsJun 1904May 1930OXF - Oxford
3833County of DorsetAug 1904Feb 1930SDN - Swindon
3834County of SomersetAug 1904Nov 1933TYS - Tyseley
3835County of DevonAug 1904Jan 1931PDN - Paddington
3836County of WarwickOct 1904Nov 1931LMTN - Leamington Spa
3837County of StaffordOct 1904Mar 1931SDN - Swindon
3838County of GlamorganOct 1904Aug 1930SDN - Swindon
3839County of PembrokeOct 1904Mar 1930Brd - Weston-super-Mare

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 40.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 13.