Class TV 0-6-2T

Class Details
Hurry Riches class O4.
Weight: 65 tons 5 cwt; Pressure: 175psi; Cyls: 17 x26; DW: 4ft 6 ; TE: 21,730 lbs.
Engines in the 200-20 series were renumbered from 1946.

BR #GWR #Taff Vale Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
236236105Jun 1908Dec 195288E88C - Barry
2782781Jul 1910May 195188F88F - Treherbert
2792792Jul 1910Apr 195488F88A - Cardiff Radyr
2802806Jul 1908May 1949RYR - Cardiff Radyr
2812818Aug 1910Aug 195088E - Abercynon
2822829Jul 1908May 195486J86J - Aberdare
28328317Aug 1910Mar 1949BRY - Barry
28428435Aug 1910Nov 195286J86J - Aberdare
28528538Apr 1907Aug 195388F88C - Barry
28628639Jun 1908Oct 195088A88A - Cardiff Radyr
28728743Apr 1907Dec 1949AYN - Abercynon
28828846Sep 1910Mar 195088E - Abercynon
28928948Jul 1908Aug 1949SED - Swansea East Dock
29029049Oct 1910Jul 195588F88A - Cardiff Radyr
29129156Jul 1908Jan 195087B - Duffryn Yard Port Talbot
29229258Jul 1908Apr 195288D88D - Merthyr
29329359Jun 1907Jul 195188A88A - Cardiff Radyr
29429467Jul 1907jul 195087B - Duffryn Yard Port Talbot
29529568Jul 1907Jun 195188E88E - Abercynon
29629694Sep 1907Sep 1949DYD - Duffryn Yard Port Talbot
29729795Jul 1908Dec 1949THT - Treherbert
29829897Jul 1908Jul 1948FDL - Ferndale
29929998Jul 1908Jun 195188F88F - Treherbert
200300101Jul 1908Jul 1948CDF - Cardiff Canton
301301102Jul 1908Dec 1948CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
302302104Jul 1908Apr 1948CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
203310108Sep 1910Jan 195286C - Cardiff Canton
204311109Sep 1910Jul 195586J88A - Cardiff Radyr
205313110Sep 1909Jun 195486C86C - Cardiff Canton
314314111Aug 1908Dec 1949ABDR - Aberdare
207315112Sep 1910Nov 195288F88F - Treherbert
208317113Sep 1910Jul 195586C88A - Cardiff Radyr
209318114Sep 1910Aug 195286C86C - Cardiff Canton
210319115Sep 1910Mar 195588F88A - Cardiff Radyr
320320116Sep 1910May 195588A - Cardiff Radyr
215321118Sep 1910Jul 195588F88A - Cardiff Radyr
216324119Sep 1910Jan 195588F88A - Cardiff Radyr
217333121Sep 1910Sep 195288F - Treherbert
21840913Sep 1910Dec 195288F - Treherbert
21941444Aug 1910Jun 195188E - Abercynon
42042069Aug 1907Apr 195186C - Cardiff Canton

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 41.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 9.