Class TV 503 0-6-2T

Class Details

BR #GWR #Taff Vale Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
50316Sep 1888Oct 1925AYN - Abercynon
50522Apr 1886Jun 1925Abdr - Aberdare (TV)
50624May 1886Dec 1934CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
50750Mar 1888Dec 1926Ayn - Coke Ovens
50853Mar 1888Jun 1925RYR - Cardiff Radyr
51174Dec 1887May 1932Ayn - Coke Ovens
513145Jan 1885Nov 1927Ayn - Coke Ovens
515146Jan 1885Jul 1925RYR - Cardiff Radyr
516147Jan 1885May 1925CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
520184Jan 1885Nov 1927RYR - Cardiff Radyr
552151Jan 1885Aug 1930THT - Treherbert
560152Jan 1885Jun 1925CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
567153Feb 1886Jul 1932CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
573163Mar 1886Dec 1934CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
577166Jul 1886Jan 1934CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
578167Jun 1887Feb 1927Abdr - Aberdare (TV)
579168Kitchener/WellingtonJun 1887Oct 1926RYR - Cardiff RadyrTo Longmore first named Kitchener
580169Jun 1887May 1925CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
581190May 1895Aug 1930RYR - Cardiff Radyr
581190May 1895Aug 1930RYR - Cardiff Radyr
582344Jan 1885Jul 1930RYR - Cardiff Radyr
583349Jan 1885Aug 1933Ayn - Coke Ovens
584362Mar 1886Dec 1934CDF - Cardiff Canton
585364Mar 1886Dec 1926Ayn - Coke Ovens
586365Jul 1886Jun 1925CHYS - Cardiff Cathays
58723Oct 1895May 1931AYN - Abercynon
586365Jul 1886Jun 1925CHYS - Cardiff Cathays

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 27.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.