Class D42

Class Details
J Manson GNS Class O, LNER Class D42.Weight: 42 tons; Pressure: 150 psi; Cyls: 18x26; DW: 6 ft 0½.TE: 16,296 lb.

BR #LNER #Great North of Scotland Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
6804May 1888Apr 1935KIT - Kittybrewster
6807May 1888Apr 1945KEI - Keith
6809May 1888Nov 1939KIT - Kittybrewster
6810Apr 1888Nov 1939KIT - Kittybrewster
6817Apr 1888Feb 1946KIT - Kittybrewster
6818May 1888Dec 1939KIT - Kittybrewster
6872Jun 1888Dec 1938KEI - Keith
6873Jun 1888Apr 1937KEI - Keith
6874May 1888May 1939Kei - Elgin

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 9.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 4.