Class lts-2P-4-4-2T

Class Details
Whitelegg design, London, Tilbury and Southend Class 51, 18 locomotives built.
Weight: 67.8 tons; Pressure: 170psi; Cyls(O): 18 or 19x26; DW: 6 ft 6; TE: 15,606 or 17,390 lbs.

BR #MR #London, Tilbury & Southend Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
41910209251PurfleetSep 1900Sep 1948MR and LMS number: 2158
41911209352WenningtonSep 1900Mar 195318AMR and LMS number: 2159
41912209453Stepney GreenSep 1900Aug 1949MR and LMS number: 2160
41913209554Mile EndOct 1900Jun 1949MR and LMS number: 2161
41914209655Bow RoadOct 1900May 1950MR and LMS number: 2162
41915209756HarringayOct 1900Apr 195133AMR and LMS number: 2163
41916209857Crouch HillOct 1900Mar 195115AMR and LMS number: 2164
41917209958HornseyOct 1900Mar 195116AMR and LMS number: 2165
41918210059Holloway RoadOct 1900Dec 1949MR and LMS number: 2166
41919210160HighgateOct 1900Mar 195116AMR and LMS number: 2167
41920210261Kentish TownOct 1900Jun 1949MR and LMS number: 2168
41921210362CamdenOct 1900Mar 195116AMR and LMS number: 2169
41922210463Mansion HouseJun 1903Mar 195316AMR and LMS number: 2170
210564Charing CrossJun 1903194716AMR and LMS number:
41923210665VictoriaJun 1903Dec 1949MR and LMS number: 2172
210766Earl's CourtJun 1903Dec 1949MR and LMS number: 2173
41925210867WestminsterJun 1903May 195216AMR and LMS number: 2174
41926210968Mark LaneJun 1903Mar 195116AMR and LMS number: 2175

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 18.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 10.