Class lms austin7 0-8-0

Class Details
Fowler version of the LNWR G2 design.
Weight: 60 tons; Pressure: 200psi; Cyls: 19 x26; DW: 4 ft 8 ; TE: 29,745 lbs.
This was the worst class produced by Fowler: an unhappy outcome of a marriage between a first-rate boiler and a third-rate chassis.

BR #MR #London Midland and Scottish Railway. #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
495009500Mar 1929Jun 195025D Mirfield
495019501Mar 1929Mar 195025B Huddersfield
495029502Apr 1929Jun 195126B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495039503Apr 1929Sep 195427B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9504Apr 1929Apr 194925D Mirfield
495059505Apr 1929Oct 196027B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495069506Apr 1929Oct 195227B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9507May 1929Apr 194925E Sowerby Bridge
495089508May 1929Jan 196226D26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495099509May 1929May 195926F26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495109510May 1929Sep 195126C27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495119511May 1929May 195926B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9512May 1929May 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495139513May 1929Oct 194925A Wakefield
9514May 1929Aug 195026D Bury
495159515May 1929Nov 195927B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495169516May 1929Sep 194925A Wakefield
9517May 1929Mar 194925A Wakefield
9518Jun 1929Mar 194925A Wakefield
495199519Jun 1929Mar 195026B Agecroft(Manchester)
495209520Jun 1929May 195026B Agecroft(Manchester)
9521Jun 1929Apr 194920G Hellifield
9522Jun 1929May 194925D Mirfield
495239523Jun 1929Feb 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495249524Jun 1929Jan 195427B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495259525Jun 1929Mar 194925A Wakefield
495269526Jun 1929Aug 194925A Wakefield
9527Jun 1929May 194925E Sowerby Bridge
9528Jun 1929Aug 194925E Sowerby Bridge
9529Jun 1929Jan 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9530Jul 1929Jun 194925A Wakefield
495319531Jul 1929Nov 195026A26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495329532Jul 1929Jun 195626B26C Bolton
9533Jul 1929Jul 194925A Wakefield
9534Jul 1929Sep 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
495359535Jul 1929Dec 195027B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495369536Jul 1929Oct 195726A26E Lees(Oldham)
495379537Jul 1929May 195025G Farnley Jct.
495389538Jul 1929Aug 195726B26C Bolton
495399539Aug 1929Oct 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
495409540Aug 1929May 195125E25E Sowerby Bridge
495419541Aug 1929Aug 195027B Aintree(Liverpool)
9542Aug 1929Mar 194926C Bolton
495439543Aug 1929Aug 195027B Aintree(Liverpool)
495449544Aug 1929Feb 196026B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495459545Aug 1929Jul 195726A27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9546Aug 1929Sep 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495479547Aug 1929May 195727B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495489548Aug 1929Jan 195226F26F Lees(Oldham)
9549Aug 1929Apr 194920G Hellifield
9550Sep 1929Aug 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
495519551Sep 1929Mar 194925G Farnley Jct.
495529552Sep 1929Sep 195627B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495539553Sep 1929Feb 195025G Farnley Jct.
495549554Sep 1929Sep 195526A25E Sowerby Bridge
495559555Sep 1929Apr 195726B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495569556Sep 1929May 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495579557Sep 1929Dec 195526D26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495589558Sep 1929May 195126A26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9559Sep 1929Apr 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495609560Sep 1929Dec 195726A26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495619561Sep 1929Jun 195027B Aintree(Liverpool)
495629562Sep 1929Apr 194925A Wakefield
495639563Oct 1929Jun 195227B26F Lees(Oldham)
495649564Oct 1929Sep 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
9565Oct 1929Mar 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495669566Oct 1929Aug 195727B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495679567Oct 1929Sep 195027B Aintree(Liverpool)
495689568Oct 1929May 195127D27D Wigan Central(L&Y)
495699569Oct 1929Jan 195025E Sowerby Bridge
495709570Oct 1929Sep 195526B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495719571Nov 1929Jun 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9572Nov 1929Sep 194925B Huddersfield
9573Nov 1929Dec 194926C Bolton
495749574Nov 1929Aug 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495759575Nov 1929May 195026B Agecroft(Manchester)
9576Nov 1929Oct 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
9577Nov 1929Mar 194925A Wakefield
495789578Nov 1929May 195926B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
495799579Nov 1929Jun 195025D Mirfield
495809580Nov 1929Mar 195126A26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495819581Nov 1929Jun 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
495829582Nov 1929May 195927B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495839583Nov 1929Aug 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495849584Nov 1929Aug 194925A Wakefield
495859585Nov 1929Feb 195127D27D Wigan Central(L&Y)
495869586Nov 1929Aug 195927B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495879587Nov 1929Jun 195127D27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9588Dec 1929Dec 194925G Farnley Jct.
495899589Dec 1929Jun 195127B Aintree(Liverpool)
495909590Dec 1929May 195126F26F Lees(Oldham)
495919591Dec 1929Jan 195326D26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495929592Dec 1929May 195927B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
495939593Dec 1929Jun 195126F26F Lees(Oldham)
495949594Dec 1929Oct 195126D26D Bury
495959595Dec 1929Dec 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
495969596Dec 1929Apr 195025B Huddersfield
9597Dec 1929May 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
495989598Dec 1929Jan 195925D26F Lees(Oldham)
9599Dec 1929Aug 194926B Agecroft(Manchester)
496009600Dec 1930Sep 195327B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
9601Dec 1930Apr 194925D Mirfield
496029602Dec 1930Feb 195425D25E Sowerby Bridge
496039603Jan 1930Mar 195627B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
9604Jan 1930Jul 194925A Wakefield
496059605Jan 1930Feb 195027B Aintree(Liverpool)
9606Jan 1930Jun 194925E Sowerby Bridge
496079607Jan 1930Jul 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496089608Feb 1930Jul 195326A26F Lees(Oldham)
496099609Feb 1930Nov 195027B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496109610Feb 1930May 195127D27D Wigan Central(L&Y)
496119611Feb 1930Sep 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496129612Feb 1930Sep 195326A27D Wigan Central(L&Y)
9613Mar 1930Jul 194925A Wakefield
9614Mar 1930Jul 194925E Sowerby Bridge
496159615Mar 1930May 195025E Sowerby Bridge
9616Mar 1930Mar 194924C Lostock Hall
496179617Apr 1930Jun 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496189618Apr 1930Oct 196125D26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9619Apr 1930Aug 195025D Mirfield
496209620Oct 1931Jan 195625D27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9621Nov 1931Jan 195026B Agecroft(Manchester)
496229622Nov 1931Jul 194925A Wakefield
496239623Nov 1931Jan 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496249624Nov 1931Feb 196027B26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496259625Nov 1931Jan 195125A27A Bank Hall(Liverpool)
9626Dec 1931May 194925A Wakefield
496279627Dec 1931Oct 196126B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
496289628Dec 1931Jun 195025E Sowerby Bridge
9629Dec 1931May 194925A Wakefield
496309630Dec 1931Mar 194925A Wakefield
496319631Dec 1931May 195127B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9632Dec 1931Mar 194925A Wakefield
9633Jan 1931Mar 194925A Wakefield
496349634Dec 1931Jun 195025B Huddersfield
496359635Dec 1931Nov 195027B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496369636Jan 1931Aug 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496379637Jan 1931Jun 196126A26B Agecroft(Manchester)
496389638Jan 1931Jun 195626B27D Wigan Central(L&Y)
9639Jan 1931Sep 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496409640Jan 1931May 195926C27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496419641Jan 1931Dec 195027B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
9642Feb 1931Jul 194925A Wakefield
496439643Feb 1931Dec 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
9644Feb 1931May 194925A Wakefield
9645Feb 1931Dec 194923B Aintree(Liverpool)
9646Feb 1931Mar 194925A Wakefield
496479647Feb 1931Jul 194925A Wakefield
496489648Feb 1931Sep 195725B26B Agecroft(Manchester)
496499649Feb 1931Dec 195027B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496509650Mar 1931Jun 195126A25E Sowerby Bridge
496519651Mar 1931Dec 195026A26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9652Mar 1931Sep 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496539653Mar 1931Aug 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9654Mar 1931Dec 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496559655Apr 1931Mar 195026A Newton Heath(Manchester)
9656Apr 1931Sep 194926A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496579657Apr 1931Feb 195726A56E Sowerby Bridge
9658Apr 1931Aug 194925D Mirfield
496599659Apr 1931Aug 194925D27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496609660Apr 1932Mar 195725D25E Sowerby Bridge
496619661Apr 1932May 195125D25E Sowerby Bridge
496629662May 1932May 195925D26C Bolton
496639663May 1932May 195925D25D Mirfield
496649664May 1932Feb 195726C27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496659665May 1932Feb 195727B Aintree(Liverpool)
496669666Jun 1932Aug 195026D26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496679667Jun 1932May 195626D26A Newton Heath(Manchester)
496689668Jun 1932May 195926F26B Agecroft(Manchester)
9669Jun 1932Nov 196125A Wakefield
9670Jun 1932Apr 194925A Wakefield
496719671Jun 1932Jul 194927B27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496729672Jun 1932Mar 195226C27B Aintree(Liverpool)
496739673Jul 1932Mar 195726A25E Sowerby Bridge
496749674Jul 1932Feb 196026A26B Agecroft(Manchester)

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 175.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 36.