Class ser O 0-6-0

Class Details
Stirling SER Class O, 122 engines built 1878-1899, many rebuilt by Wainright to class O1.
Weight 41 tons; Pressure: 150psi; Cyls: 18x26; DW: 5ft 2; TE: 16,100 lbs.

BR #SR #South Eastern Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
1Jun 1890Jun 1925
1003May 1896Jan 1949GIL GillinghamRebuilt to O1 Oct 1927.
1007Aug 1899May 194973D GillinghamRebuilt to O1 May 1913.
8Sep 1899Aug 1928
1014Jun 1893Jun 194873D GillinghamRebuilt to O1 May 1905.
15Jun 1890Apr 1925
1039Jun 1897Aug 194971D GillinghamRebuilt to O1 Nov 1912.
1041Jun 1893Apr 195174A74A AshfordRebuilt to O1 June 1908.
1044Dec 1898Jun 195173B73B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1 Jan 1912.
1046Jun 1894Oct 194873E FavershamRebuilt to O1 Feb 1909.
310481048Dec 1893Oct 196074C73H DoverRebuilt to O1 Aug 1908
49Dec 1898Feb 1929
1051Dec 1898Aug 1948Rebuilt to O1 Jan 1913.
52Oct 1896Oct 1927
55Nov 1884Jun 1910
310641064Nov 1896May 195873B73A Stewarts LaneRebuilt to O1 May 1913.
310651065Sep 1896Jun 196174B73H DoverRebuilt to O1 Sep 19908. Preserved @ Bluebell Railway
1066Jun 1897Jun 195173B73B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1 May 1916.
1080Jun 1897Aug 194974B RamsgateRebuilt to O1 May 1916.
1093Nov 1897May 195174B74B RamsgateRebuilt to O1 Jul 1916.
96Aug 1896Aug 1926
98_Sep 1899Oct 1929
1099Sep 1899Oct 1927Rebuilt to O1.
100Sep 1899Aug 1926
1106May 1894Jan 1949FAV FavershamRebuilt to O1 Jun 1903.
1108Jun 1897Jul 195174C74C DoverRebuilt to O1 May 1915.
1109May 1896Jan 194974D TonbridgeRebuilt to O1 Oct 1927.
111Aug 1896Nov 1929
119May 1883Mar 1925Rebuilt to O1 Sep 1906.
120May 1883Mar 1910
121Jun 1883Jun 1912
122Jun 1883Dec 1911
1123May 1896Jan 195074A AshfordRebuilt to O1 Jul 1915.
131Nov 1884Dec 1912
142Sep 1896Sep 1926
144Jul 1890Sep 1925
1151Dec 1898Feb 1929Rebuilt to O1.
167Dec 1893Jan 1928
170Dec 1893Sep 1927
171Nov 1884Jun 1923
207Dec 1884Jan 1913
1238Jun 1893Jul 194973D GillinghamRebuilt to O1 Dec 1903.
312481248May 1896Jun 195173C73C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1 Sep 1908.
1251Nov 1896May 1946Rebuilt to O1 Dec 1917.
254Dec 1898Oct 1925
31258258May 1894Feb 196173C73H DoverRebuilt to O1 May 1914. Last of Class
299Dec 1884Apr 1910
300Dec 1884Apr 1914
301Dec 1884Oct 1911
314Aug 1882Jan 1914
315Aug 1882Aug 1908
1316Sep 1882Jun 194974B RamsgateRebuilt to O1 May 1906.
317Sep 1882Dec 1906
318Oct 1882Jun 1912
331Feb 1886Oct 1913
332Mar 1886Dec 1923
333Jul 1887Nov 1926
334Jul 1887Apr 1913
1369Aug 1891Aug 195173E74C DoverRebuilt to O1.
313701370Aug 1891Feb 196074A73H DoverRebuilt to O1.
1371Aug 1891Mar 1944DOV DoverRebuilt to O1. Sold to East Kent Railway and finally withdrawn in Jan 1949.
372Aug 1891Feb 1949EKRSold to East Kent Railway in 1923 as No. 6. Rebuilt to O1 in 1923 though retaining the Stirling cab.
1373Sep 1891Jul 195174CEKR EKRRebuilt to O1.
1374374Sep 1891Sep 194971D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.
1375Sep 1891Jan 1924Rebuilt to O1.
1376Sep 1891Sep 1928Rebuilt to O1. Sold to East Kent Railway (running as No.8), withdrawn from there in 1935.
1377Sep 1891Jan 195073C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1.
313781378Sep 1891Nov 194873D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.
1379Sep 1893Apr 195174A71D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.
1380Sep 1893Nov 194973D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.
1381Sep 1893May 195174C74C DoverRebuilt to O1.
1382Sep 1893Oct 1924Rebuilt to O1.
3138321893Apr 195174CRebuilt to O1. Sold to East Kent Railway
1384Sep 1893Dec 194973D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.
1385Sep 1893Sep 194973C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1.
1386Oct 1893Oct 194873C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1.
1387Oct 1893Jan 1926Rebuilt to O1.
1388Oct 1893Jul 194873B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
1389Oct 1893Feb 194973B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
1390Oct 1893Apr 195174B74A AshfordRebuilt to O1.
1391Oct 1893Jun 195173C73C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1.
1392Oct 1893Dec 1925Rebuilt to O1.
1393Oct 1893Jun 1926Rebuilt to O1.
1394Nov 1893Jun 1926Rebuilt to O1.
1395Nov 1893Jun 195173B73B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
1396Dec 1893Aug 194874D TonbridgeRebuilt to O1.
1397Dec 1893Jun 194873B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
1398Dec 1893May 194970D BasingstokeRebuilt to O1.
314251425Aug 1897Aug 195974C74C DoverRebuilt to O1.
1426Aug 1897Aug 195973H DoverRebuilt to O1.
1427Sep 1897Sep 1926Rebuilt to O1.
1428Sep 1897Feb 194973B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
1429Sep 1897Sep 194973B Bricklayers ArmsRebuilt to O1.
314301430Sep 1897May 195974C73H DoverRebuilt to O1.
1431Sep 1897Sep 1926Rebuilt to O1.
1432Sep 1897Jun 195174C73C Hither GreenRebuilt to O1.
1433Sep 1897Jan 1928Rebuilt to O1.
314341434Sep 1897Aug 195974C73H DoverRebuilt to O1.
1435Sep 1897May 1927Rebuilt to O1.
1436Sep 1897Feb 1932Rebuilt to O1.
1437Oct 1897Oct 194874D TonbridgeRebuilt to O1.
1438Oct 1897Dec 194873E FavershamRebuilt to O1.
1439Oct 1897May 194973D GillinghamRebuilt to O1.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 103.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 33.