Class CarR 0-6-0T

Class Details

BR #GWR #Cardiff Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
6857n/a 1919Oct 1931Ced - Cardiff Docks (Cardiff Rly)
6863n/a 1895Jun 1925Car - Cardiff East Moors
6874n/a 1899Jun 1925Car - Cardiff East Moors
6888n/a 1899Dec 1926Ced - Cardiff Docks (Cardiff Rly)
69013n/a 1895Oct 1926Car - Cardiff East Moors
69130n/a 1889Mar 1929Ced - Cardiff Docks (Cardiff Rly)
69239n/a 1899Mar 1929Ced - Cardiff Docks (Cardiff Rly)
6932n/a 1882Feb 1925Car - Cardiff East Moors
69412n/a 1872Oct 1926Car - Cardiff East Moors
69515n/a 1873Oct 1926Ced - Cardiff Docks (Cardiff Rly)
69618n/a 1875Nov 1923Car - Cardiff East Moors
69719n/a 1875Jun 1925Car - Cardiff East Moors
69824 ????May 1922Car - Cardiff East MoorsCondemned before acquisition

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 13.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.