Class 3150 2-6-2T

Class Details
Churchward GWR 3150 class.
Weight 82 tons (58 tons adhesion); Pressure: 200 lb; Cyls: 18 x30; DW: 5ft 8; TE: 25,670 lb.

BR #GWR #Great Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
31503150Apr 1906Sep 195786E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31513151Apr 1907Mar 195284E84E - Tyseley
31523152Apr 1907Jan 195786E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31533153Apr 1907Jan 195385B85B - Gloucester Horton Rd.
31543154Apr 1907Oct 195086E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
3155Apr 1907Mar 1939NA - Newton AbbotRebuilt to 3103.
3156Apr 1907Oct 1938STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.Rebuilt to 3101.
31573157Apr 1907Oct 195286E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31583158Apr 1907Apr 1948TYS - Tyseley
31593159May 1907Nov 1949STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31603160May 1907Jul 195384A84A - Wolverhampton Stafford Rd
31613161May 1907Dec 195286E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31623162May 1907Jan 1947STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31633163Jun 1907Jun 195785B85B - Gloucester Horton Rd.
31643164Jun 1907Mar 195685B85B - Gloucester Horton Rd.
31653165Jun 1907Jul 1948STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31663166Jun 1907Jan 1947STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31673167Jun 1907Aug 195286E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31683168Jun 1907Sep 195086E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31693169Jun 1907Jul 19506C - Birkenhead
31703170Jun 1907Sep 195886E86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
31713171Oct 1907Jul 195785B85B - Gloucester Horton Rd.
31723172Oct 1907Oct 195786E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31733173Oct 1907Feb 1939GLO - Gloucester Horton Rd.Rebuilt to 3100.
31743174Oct 1907Mar 195886E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31753175Oct 1907Mar 1949STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31763176Nov 1907Nov 195786E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31773177Nov 1907Oct 195786E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31783178Nov 1907Jan 195183D83D - Plymouth Laira
31793179Jan 1907Apr 1939STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.Rebuilt to 3104.
31803180Nov 1907Oct 195784E85B - Gloucester Horton Rd.
3181Dec 1907Nov 1938NA - Newton AbbotRebuilt to 3102.
31823182Dec 1907Aug 1949STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31833183Dec 1907Oct 195786E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31843184Dec 1908Jul 1948STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31853185Jan 1908Feb 195686E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31863186Jan 1908Jun 195783D83D - Plymouth Laira
31873187Jan 1908Nov 195783D83D - Plymouth Laira
31883188Jan 1908Nov 196286E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31893189Jan 1908Sep 1949STJ - Severn Tunnel Jct.
31903190Jan 1908Mar 195886E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 41.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 15.