Class 5205 2-8-0T

Class Details
Collett design.
Weight: 82 tons 2 cwt; Pressure: 200psi; Cyls: 19x24; DW: 4ft 7 ; TE: 33,170 lbs.
Developed from the 4200 class with larger cylinders and detailed differences.

BR #GWR #Great Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
52055205Jun 1923Dec 196386E85A - Worcester
52065206Jun 1923May 196586A86G - Pontypool Rd.
52075207Jul 1923Jan 196186H86C - Cardiff Canton
52085208Aug 1923Jun 196586A88A - Cardiff East Dock
52095209Aug 1923Jul 196587F86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52105210Sep 1923Sep 196487D86J - Aberdare
52115211Sep 1923May 196487E86J - Aberdare
52125212Oct 1923May 196286A86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
52135213Oct 1923Oct 196487F87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52145214Nov 1923Sep 196486E86H - Aberbeeg
52155215Mar 1924Jul 196487F87F - Llanelly
52165216Apr 1924Oct 196387B87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52175217Apr 1924May 196386A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52185218Apr 1924Sep 196486A86H - Aberbeeg
52195219Apr 1924Dec 196287E87F - Llanelly
52205220May 1924Dec 196387B88A - Cardiff East Dock
52215221May 1924Oct 196387D87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52225222May 1924May 196486A88F - Treherbert
52235223May 1924Mar 196587F86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52245224May 1924Apr 196386A88L - Cardiff East DockPreserved @ East Lancs Rly
52255225May 1924Aug 196387A88L - Cardiff East Dock
52265226May 1924Mar 196586C86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
52275227Jun 1924Feb 196387D86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.Preserved @ Vale of Glamorgan Rly
52285228Jun 1924Apr 196486E86D - Llantrisant
52295229Jun 1924May 196386A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52305230Jun 1924Jul 196487F86J - Aberdare
52315231Jun 1924Apr 196486B88A - Cardiff East Dock
52325232Jul 1924Jan 196387D87B - Duffryn Yard Port Talbot
52335233Jul 1924Aug 196386A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52345234Jul 1924Jun 196386A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52355235Jul 1924Sep 196586B86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.Last 42xx/52xx Wdn
52365236Aug 1924Oct 196386H86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52375237Aug 1924Sep 196486J86J - Aberdare
52385238Aug 1924Jan 196486A87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52395239Aug 1924Apr 196387A87A - Neath (Court Sart)Preserved @ Paignton & Dartmouth Rly
52405240Aug 1924Feb 196487F86J - Aberdare
52415241Aug 1924Jun 196586D86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52425242Aug 1924Dec 196487A86J - Aberdare
52435243Aug 1924Nov 196486A86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
52445244Sep 1924May 196486B86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52455245Nov 1925Oct 196486J87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52465246Dec 1925Dec 196387D87B - Duffryn Yard Port Talbot
52475247Dec 1925Feb 196387F87F - Llanelly
52485248Dec 1925Oct 196387F86D - Llantrisant
52495249Dec 1925Oct 196386C86J - Aberdare
52505250Dec 1925Dec 196386B86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52515251Dec 1925Jan 196486A87F - Llanelly
52525252Dec 1925May 196586B86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52535253Dec 1925Apr 196386E86E - Severn Tunnel Jct.
52545254Dec 1925Jul 196487A87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52555255Jan 1940May 196386A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52565256Feb 1940Mar 196586A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52575257Feb 1940Oct 196487B87A - Neath (Court Sart)
52585258Feb 1940Dec 196286J86J - Aberdare
52595259Feb 1940Mar 196486A86A - Newport Ebbw Jct.
52605260Feb 1940Mar 196386B86H - Aberbeeg
52615261Feb 1940Mar 196587F88A - Cardiff East Dock
52625262Mar 1940Aug 196386E87F - Llanelly
52635263Mar 1940Dec 196386J86J - Aberdare
52645264Mar 1940Sep 196486A87A - Neath (Court Sart)

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 60.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 18.