Class J9

Class Details
Parker and Pollitt design, GCR classes 9B and 9E.
Weight: 40tons 18cwt; Pressure: 160psi; DW: 5ft 1; TE: 18,781 lbs.

BR #LNER #Great Central Railway (Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway) #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
5645Feb 1891Jan 1933PKD - Parkhead(Glasgow)
5646Feb 1891Mar 1932POL - Polmont
5647Feb 1891Jan 1933BGT - Bathgate
5648Feb 1891Feb 1934KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5649Feb 1891Apr 1932KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5650Feb 1891Oct 1932KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5651Mar 1891Oct 1931KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5652Mar 1891Dec 1932PKD - Parkhead(Glasgow)
5653Mar 1891Apr 1932PKD - Parkhead(Glasgow)
5654Mar 1891Oct 1932BGT - Bathgate
5655Mar 1891Jan 1936BGT - Bathgate
5656Apr 1891Aug 1934PKD - Parkhead(Glasgow)
5657Apr 1891Jan 1933POL - Polmont
5658Apr 1891Oct 1932BGT - Bathgate
5659Jun 1891Jun 1933KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5660Jun 1891Dec 1930KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5661Jun 1891Jan 1936HAW - Hawick
5662Jun 1891Dec 1932BGT - Bathgate
5663Jun 1891Jun 1933BGT - Bathgate
5664Jun 1891Jan 1933PKD - Parkhead(Glasgow)
5665Jul 1891Dec 1936BGT - Bathgate
5666Jul 1891Oct 1934POL - Polmont
5667Jul 1891Nov 1933KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5668Jul 1891Mar 1933KPS - Kipps(Coatbridge)
5669Jul 1891Feb 1934POL - Polmont
5738Nov 1894Aug 1935NTH - Northwich
5739Nov 1894Feb 1935NTH - Northwich
5740Dec 1894Jul 1933NTH - Northwich
5741Jan 1894Aug 1935NTH - Northwich
5742Feb 1894Nov 1935NTH - Northwich
5743Mar 1894Dec 1936NTH - Northwich

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 31.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 6.