Class O5

Class Details
Robinson design GCR class 8M.
Weight: 75 tons 4 cwt; Pressure: 180psi; Cyls: 21x26; DW: 4ft 8; TE: 31,326 lbs.

BR #LNER #Great Central Railway (Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway) #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
639045414Apr 1918Nov 196136D36E - Retford(GC)Rebuilt to O4 in Nov 1936.
639055415May 1918Apr 195936E36E - Retford(GC)Rebuilt to O4 in Oct 1936.
639065417Jun 1918Jan 196536C36C - FrodinghamRebuilt to O4 in Feb 1937.
639075418Aug 1918May 196436E41J - Langwith Jct.Rebuilt to O4 in Feb 1936.
639085419Sep 1918Oct 196336E36E - Retford(GC)Rebuilt to O4 in Mar 1935.
639115422Jun 1919Dec 196236C41F - MexboroughRebuilt to O4 in Feb 1943.
639125010Aug 1919Dec 196238B41J - Langwith Jct.Rebuilt to O4 in Jul 1941.
639135011Aug 1919Jun 196536D41H - Staveley(GC)Rebuilt to O4 in May 1936.
639145012Sep 1919May 196436E36E - Retford(GC)Rebuilt to O4 in Aug 1926.
639155013Aug 1919Jun 196139A9G - GortonRebuilt to O4 in Jun 1940.
639175015Dec 1920Jun 196236C36C - FrodinghamRebuilt to O4 in Jun 1935.
639205022Feb 1921Aug 196236C56A - WakefieldRebuilt to O4 in Aug 1933.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 13.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.