Class D44

Class Details
J Manson GNS Class A, LNER Class D44.
Weight: 37 tons 2; Pressure: 140 psi; Cyls 17½x26; DW: 6 ft; TE: 14,100.

BR #LNER #Great North of Scotland Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
686363Aug 1884Aug 1926Kei - Elgin
686464Aug 1884Jul 1924KIT - Kittybrewster
6865Oct 1884Jan 1925KIT - Kittybrewster
686666Aug 1884Nov 1925KIT - Kittybrewster
68671883KIT - KittybrewsterGNS67
68681883KIT - Kittybrewster

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 6.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.