Class J55

Class Details
GNR class J16, Ivatt and Gresley rebuilds of GNR classes J15 and J17 (LNER J54 and J56).
Weight 45 tons 16; Pressure: 175/160psi; Cyls: 17 x26; DW: 4 ft 8; TE: 21,150/19,340 lbs.
Rebuilt from domeless locomotives introduced 1891.

BR #LNER #Great Northern Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
3139AMar 1924Jan1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3153AFeb 1927Jan 1932-Rebuilt from J54.
3397397Dec1913Jan1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3473A473AFeb 1918Sep 1929Rebuilt from J54
3494AOct 1923Aug 1929-Rebuilt from J54.
3496496Sep 1916Jun 1927-Rebuilt from J54.
6061897Aug 1919-Rebuilt from J56. Sold to JF Wake in 1920 and resold to Birley Iron Co Ltd which amalgamated into Pelaw Main Collieries Ltd in 1926. Named Moseley it was withdrawn in 1930 and cut up in 1932.
3610A610Sep 1897Nov 1929-Rebuilt from J56.
3619Sep 1927Apr 1929-Rebuilt from J54.
620Apr 1922Nov 1925-Rebuilt from J54.
3636A636Jan 1918Nov 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3638A638Feb 1908Aug 1929-Rebuilt from J54.
3672672May 1916Jul 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3673Dec 1923May 1930-Rebuilt from J54. Rebuilt with dome Jun 1927.
674May 1915Nov 1925-Rebuilt from J54.
3677677May 1914Jan 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3678678May 1916Aug 1929-Rebuilt from J54.
3688Apr 1924Nov 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3689Oct 1927Mar 1934-Rebuilt from J54.
3690Mar 1924Mar 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3692Apr 1927Feb 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3779779Nov 1912Apr 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3782782Nov 1917Oct 1931-Rebuilt from J54.
3783783Nov 1919Mar 1934-Rebuilt from J54.
3785Aug 1925Oct 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3787787Apr 1922Nov 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3789Mar 1927Apr 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3790790Apr 1914Sep 1936-Rebuilt from J54.
3802802Aug 1912Jul 1934-Rebuilt from J54. In service stock from Jul 1934 to Nov 1935.
3803803May 1915Aug 1926-Rebuilt from J54.
3804804Mar 1931Sep 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3806806Nov 1917Jun 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3807Nov 1925Oct 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3809809Oct 1914Mar 1929-Rebuilt from J54.
3810810Apr 1914Aug 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3851851Oct 1915Sep 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3854854Nov 1914Nov 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3855Aug 1927Feb 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
683173859Mar 1928Dec 1948DON - DoncasterRebuilt from J54.
3901Jun 1924Sep 1932-Rebuilt from J54.
3902Apr 1925Nov 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3906Jun 1925Oct 1928-Rebuilt from J54.
3908Oct 1924May 1947DON - DoncasterRebuilt from J54. 8318 from May 1946.
3910Aug 1924Aug 1931-Rebuilt from J54.
3911May 1928Mar 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3912Feb 1924Dec 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3913913Mar 1906Nov 1931-Rebuilt from J54.
3915915Nov 1916Feb 1933-Rebuilt from J54.
3916916Aug 1913Aug 1931-Rebuilt from J54.
3917917Sep 1922Jun 1930-Rebuilt from J54.
3918918Jun 1907Mar 1937-Rebuilt from J54.
3919Mar 1931Oct 1936-Rebuilt from J54.
683193920Dec 1891Nov 1928-Departmental #3 from Dec 1928 to Apr 1930. No. 4800 from Apr 1930 to Aug 1937, then No. 4990 to Mar 1946 when it became No. 8319. Rebuilt from J54 Sep 1933. Finally withdrawn Jul 1950.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 53.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 12.