Class ss 2-2-2

Class Details

BR #LNER #Great Northern Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
1Oct18471852Converted to 2-2-2T.
2Oct18471852Converted to 2-2-2T.
3Feb18481861Converted to 0-4-2
4Feb18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
5Mar18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
6Mar18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
7May18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
9Jun18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
10Jun18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
11Jul18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
12Jul18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
13Aug18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
14Aug18481861Converted to 0-4-2
15Sep18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
16Sep18481861Converted to 0-4-2
18Oct18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
19Dec18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
20Dec18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
21Dec18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
22Dec18481852Converted to 2-2-2T.
23Apr18491861Converted to 0-4-2
24Apr18491866Converted to 0-4-2
25May18491861Converted to 0-4-2
26May18491866Converted to 0-4-2
27Jul18491861Converted to 0-4-2
28Jul18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
29Oct18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
30Oct18491861Converted to 0-4-2
31Oct18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
32Oct18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
33Nov18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
34Nov18491867Converted to 0-4-2
35Dec18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
36Dec18491861Converted to 0-4-2
37Dec18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
39Dec18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
40Dec18491852Converted to 2-2-2T.
42May18501852Converted to 2-2-2T.
44May18501861Converted to 0-4-2
45Jun18501852Converted to 2-2-2T.
46Jun18501852Converted to 2-2-2T.
47Jun18501861Converted to 0-4-2
48Jun18501866Converted to 0-4-2
50Aug18501852Converted to 2-2-2T.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 50.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.