Class hb A 0-6-0T

Class Details
Kirtley H&BR Class A (then Class G1) built around 1884-5, 12 locomotives built.
>Pressure: 140psi; Cyls(I): 17x24; DW: 4ft 6; TE: 15,284.
Meant to be used for shunting in Alexandra Dock, but wheelbase found to be too long.

BR #LNER #Hull & Barnsley Railway. #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
1Apr 1922
2Apr 1922
3Apr 1922Sold out of service: Ashington Coal Co.
4Apr 1922
5Apr 1922
6Apr 1922
7Apr 1922
8Apr 1922
9Apr 1922
10Apr 1922
11Apr 1922
12Apr 1922

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 12.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.