Class J32

Class Details
Drummond design NBR class C.
Weight: 39tons 10cwt; Pressure: 150psi; Cyls: 18x26; DW: 5ft 0; TE: 17,901 lbs.

BR #LNER #North British Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
102971297n/a 1876Dec 1924-First NBR number 100.
102981298n/a 1876Oct 1923-First NBR number 153.
103001300n/a 1876Jan 1924-First NBR number 242.
1301n/a 1876Apr 1922-First NBR number 270.
1302n/a 1876Feb 1922-First NBR number 278.
1303n/a 1876Apr 1921-First NBR number 281.
103041304n/a 1876Dec 1924-First NBR number 287.
103051305n/a 1876Apr 1923-First NBR number 292.
1307n/a 1876Oct 1921-First NBR number 304.
1308n/a 1876Jan 1922-First NBR number 454.
1309n/a 1876Apr 1921-First NBR number 455.
103101310n/a 1876Oct 1923THJ - Thornton Jct.First NBR number 456.
103111311Dec 1876Dec 1924CAR - Carlisle CanalFirst NBR number 457.
103121312n/a 1876Dec 1924-First NBR number 458.
1313n/a 1876Sep 1921-First NBR number 459.
103141314n/a 1877Jun 1924-First NBR number 460.
103151315n/a 1877Aug 1924-First NBR number 461.
1316n/a 1876May 1922-First NBR number 462.
1317n/a 1876Jun 1922-First NBR number 463.
1318n/a 1876Feb 1922-First NBR number 464.
103191319n/a 1877Feb 1924-First NBR number 465.
103291329n/a 1876Oct 1923-First NBR number 139.
103371337n/a 1876Apr 1925KPS - Kipps)Coatbridge)First NBR number 305.
103391339n/a 1877Nov 1924-First NBR number 315.
1340n/a 1876Jul 1922-First NBR number 466.
103411341n/a 1877Apr 1924-First NBR number 467.
1342n/a 1876Sep 1922-First NBR number 468.
103431343n/a 1877May 1924-First NBR number 469.
103441344n/a 1877Sep 1923-First NBR number 470.
103451345n/a 1877Feb 1925-First NBR number 471.
103461346n/a 1877Nov 1924-First NBR number 472.
1347n/a 1876Jul 1922-First NBR number 473.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 32.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 4.