Class D22

Class Details
T.W.Wordsell NE Class F (2-cylinder compounds) and Class F1.
Class F: Weight:45 tons; Pressure: 175psi; Cyls: HP: 18x24; LP: 26x24; DW 6ft 8.
Class F1: Cyls: 18x24.
All Class F rebuilt to Class F1 between 1900 abd 1905, and superheating occured between 1913 and 1920.

BR #LNER #North Eastern Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
18Jun 1887Jan 1929Gateshead
42Jun 1887May 1930Scarborough
85Dec 1887Nov 1929Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1.
96Dec 1887Feb 1927Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1. Withdrawn after collision with 1628 at Hull Paragon station
115Jun 1887Dec 1933BFD - Bradford (Bowling Jct.)?
117Nov 1887Mar 1929Botanic Gardens
154Dec 1887Oct 1932CarlisleBuilt as Class F1.
194Dec 1887Feb 1930Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1.
230Nov 1887Feb 1930Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1.
340Dec 1888Dec 1933Botanic GardensOriginally built as a 2-4-0 compound, rebuilt as 4-4-0 Class F1 in 1896.
355Nov 1887Jan 1930carlisle
356Dec 1887Mar 1932Botanic GardensRebuilt from Class F to Class F1 in Dec 1903. Original number: 1, renumbered in 1914.
514Nov 1887Feb 1929Botanic Gardens
663Dec 1887Oct 1932Botanic Gardens
673neNov 1887Oct 1933SEL - SelbyBuilt as Class F1.
684Dec 1887Jun 1930Selby
777Nov 1887May 1935WaskerleyBuilt as Class F1.
779Nov 1887Feb 1930SCA - Scarborough
803Nov 1887May 1929Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1.
808Dec 1887Feb 1930SKN - Stockton-on-TeesBuilt as Class F1.
1137Dec 1887Apr 1927Botanic GardensBuilt as Class F1.
1324Nov 1886Feb 1930CarlisleBuilt as Class D 2-4-0, rebuilt as 4-4-0 Class F1 in 1896.
1532Dec 1890Apr 1930HLB - Hull Botanic Gdns
1533Dec 1890Sep 1931Starbeck
1534Dec 1890Oct 1929SEL - Selby
1535Dec 1890Jul 1933SEL - Selby
1536Dec 1890Sep 1931Botanic Gardens
1537Dec 1890Nov 1935SEL - Selby
1538Dec 1890Jun 1933SCA - Scarborough
1539Dec 1890Feb 1930Botanic Gardens
1540Dec 1890Oct 1929Botanic Gardens
1541Dec 1890Sep 1934-Starbeck
1542Dec 1890Jul 1933Stockton
1543Dec 1890Aug 1932Botanic Gardens
1544Dec 1890Aug 1929SEL - Selby
1545Apr 1891Dec 1931Starbeck
1546Apr 1891Jan 1935Botanic Gardens

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 37.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 15.