Class G6

Class Details
Fletcher NER Class BTP (Bogie Tank Passenger), 124 engines built. 60 rebuilt as 0-6-0T (LNER Class J77), 1899-1908.
Weight: 48 tons (adhesive weight: 28 ton 4); Pressure 160psi; Cyls: 17x22; DW: 5 ft 6; TE: 13,101 lbs.

BR #LNER #North Eastern Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
15Jul 1877Mar 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
28Jun 1883Mar 1921Malton
37Mar 1879Apr 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
43Sep 1877Feb 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
47Oct 1877Oct 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
57Dec 1879Nov 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
60Mar 1878Apr 1928
62Oct 1879Dec 1926
63Oct 1878Jun 1929
65Mar 1880Jun 1928
69Dec 1876Jul 1920CarlisleWithdrawn after an accident at Alston when it fell in to the River Tyne.
71Nov 1877Sep 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
87Oct 1879May 1927
91Nov 1879Aug 1923
92Aug 1879Feb 1923
105Sep 1878Aug 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
108Oct 1876Nov 1926
127Nov 1879Jul 1921Starbeck
138Jul 1882Sep 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
145Mar 1878Oct 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
151Dec 1879Dec 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
164Jan 1878Jun 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
166Jun 1882Feb 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
173Jun 1879Sep 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
188Jun 1883Jan 1922Northallerton
189Oct 1883Mar 1926
199Jul 1879Oct 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
207Oct 1878Oct 1920Northallerton
226Aug 1882May 1929
247Feb 1880Aug 1927
255Mar 1882Jan 1928
256Mar 1882Feb 1923
264Jul 1878Oct 1921Darlington
273Jan 1878Apr 1927
276Jul 1878Oct 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
288Jun 1876Jan 1923
290Dec 1884Jun 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
297Jan 1877Feb 1923
305Dec 1884Jul 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
319Jun 1879Aug 1908Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
320Mar 1880Sep 1922Blyth
321Mar 1880Dec 1926
322Mar 1880Jan 1924
323Mar 1878Sep 1927
324Apr 1878Jun 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
333Aug 1878Dec 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
334Jan 1879Apr 1929
341Nov 1878Jul 1928
343Feb 1879Feb 1927
344Oct 1878Jun 1902Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
353Mar 1879Feb 1923
354May 1877Apr 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
357Feb 1877Mar 1921Northallerton
358Jun 1879May 1928
416Dec 1878Jun 1929
465Jun 1883Mar 1927
466Jan 1879Jan 1929
585Oct 1880Nov 1926
586Oct 1880Sep 1922Hull
588Jan 1877Feb 1923
591Oct 1880May 1921Hull
595Jun 1879Jul 1929
596Sep 1879Dec 1921Leeds
597Jun 1879Sep 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
604Dec 1879Mar 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
605Aug 1879Nov 1927
607Nov 1877Dec 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
612Apr 1879Dec 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
614Jul 1877Jun 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
615Sep 1880Apr 1927
623Nov 1880Jun 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
624Aug 1876Feb 1923
632Oct 1877Dec 1921Leeds
638Sep 1880Nov 1928
672May 1879May 1928
947Apr 1874Jan 1924
948Apr 1874Oct 1902Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
949May 1874Nov 1928
950May 1874Feb 1923
951May 1874Sep 1926
952May 1874Jan 1924
953Aug 1874Sep 1908Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
954Aug 1874Feb 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
955Aug 1874May 1926
956Aug 1874Mar 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
957Aug 1874Apr 1903Rebuilt as 2-2-4T, LNER Class X2.
958Aug 1874Aug 1903Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
998Jan 1878Mar 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
999May 1880Sep 1902Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1000Jun 1880Oct 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1019Mar 1878Oct 1928
1020Apr 1878Dec 1928
1021Apr 1878Dec 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1033Jun 1877Oct 1899Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1055May 1879Aug 1928
1058Aug 1877Sep 1922Blyth
1089Aug 1877Apr 1921Carlisle
1115Jun 1877Dec 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1116Jun 1879Mar 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1312Jun 1882Jan 1923
1313Jul 1880Apr 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1340May 1875Apr 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1341May 1875Jan 1902Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1342May 1875May 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1343May 1875Dec 1903Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1344Jun 1875Jul 1908Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1345Jun 1875Feb 1921York
1346Jun 1875Mar 1902Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1347Jun 1875May 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1348Jun 1875Oct 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1349Jun 1875Apr 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1430Sep 1875Mar 1904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1431Sep 1875Jun 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1432Sep 1875Feb 1921Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1433Sep 1875Mar 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1434Oct 1875Dec 1921Leeds
1435Oct 1875Oct 1903Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1436Oct 1875Nov 1929
1437Nov 1875Dec 1921Leeds
1438Nov 18751904Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1439Nov 1875Jul 1901Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1460May 1878May 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1461Aug 1880Mar 1907Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.
1462Oct 1880Jul 1900Rebuilt as 0-6-0T.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 124.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 22.