Class cr 264 0-4-0ST

Class Details
Drummond/McIntosh design.
Weight: 27 tons; Pressure: 160psi; Cyls: 14x20; DW: 3 ft 8; TE: 12,115 lbs.
Often fitted with a 3-planck wagon as a tender as the engines would work away from coal supplies and the cab could not carry enough for a day's work.

BR #MR #Caledonian Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
16008266Jul 1885LMS No. not carried
16009267Jul 188565D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
16010268Jul 1885Mar 195060A Inverness
5601116011270Jul 1885Jan 195960A60A Inverness
160121264Aug 1885LMS No. not carried
160131265Jun 1885
160141271Jul 1885LMS No. not carried
16015615Apr 188927C Airdrie
16016616Apr 188965D Yoker
16017617Apr 1889LMS No. not carried
16018618May 1889LMS No. not carried
16019620May 1889 1940Sold to Holland Colliery, White Moss Coal Co
56020160201510Feb 1890Mar 195517B21C Bromsgrove
160211511Feb 1890LMS No. not carried
160221512Feb 189027B Greenock Ladyburn
160231513Apr 1890LMS No. not carried
160241514Apr 1890
56025160251515May 1890May 196065B St. Rollox WorksWithdrawn Sep-1939, reinstated Nov-1939, St Rollox works shunter.
16026611Oct 1895Aug 195060A Inverness
5602716027612Oct 1895Feb 196184GCW Crewe Works
5602816028613Oct 1895May 195766D66D Greenock Ladyburn
5602916029614Nov 1895Aug 196465D65E KippsStored on shed until July-1964
5603016030621Jul 1900May 195865G65D Yoker
5603116031622Jul 1900Oct 196266D66B Motherwell
5603216032623Jul 1900Feb 1961CW Crewe Works
16033624Jul 190027C Airdrie
16034625Aug 190027B Greenock Ladyburn
5603516035626Aug 1900May 196166D66D Greenock Ladyburn
16036627Dec 1902LMS No. not carried
16037628Dec 1902Jun 195627b Greenock Princess PierSold to Bent Colliery, Cadzow, then Apr-1945 to Stewarts & Lloyds
5603816038431Dec 1908Oct 195960A60A Inverness
5603916039463Dec 1908May 196365G65D Dawsholm(Glasgow)

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 32.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 9.