Class cr 294 0-6-0

Class Details
Pickersgill design of powerful 0-6-0s, 43 engines produced..
Weight: 50 tons; Pressure: 180psi; Cyls: 18 x26; DW: 5 ft 0; TE: 22,690 lbs

BR #MR #Caledonian Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
5765017650294Jun 1919May 196367B67B Hurlford
5765117651295Jun 1919May 196367B67B Hurlford
5765217652296Jun 1919Jan 196465D66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5765317653297Jul 1919May 196362B12A Carlisle KingmoorFitted with a smaller than normal steam dome.
5765417654298Jul 1919May 196364C64C Dalry Road (Edinburgh)
5765517655299Jul 1919Nov 196264D66E Carstairs
17656300Jul 1919
5765717657301Mar 1918Feb 196466B Motherwell
5765817658302Mar 1918Feb 196467C66B Motherwell
5765917659303Apr 1918Jun 196266B66B Motherwell
17660304Mar 1918
5766117661305May 1918Feb 196466A67E Dumfries
17662306Mar 1918Withdrawn jul-1939, reinstated 1940
5766317663307Apr 1918Sep 196266C66C Hamilton
17664308Jun 1918Sep 1962
5766517665309Jul 1918Jun 196266C66B Motherwell
5766617666310Jul 1918Mar 196366B66B Motherwell
5766717667311Aug 1918Nov 196365F66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5766817668312Dec 1918Feb 196466B66B Motherwell
5766917669313Dec 1918Feb 196367D67D Ardrossan
5767017670314Dec 1918Mar 196464D66E Carstairs
5767117671315Jan 1919Oct 196267B66B Motherwell
5767217672316Feb 1919Feb 196467B66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5767317673317Mar 1919Feb 196367D67D Ardrossan
5767417674318Mar 1919Feb 196466A
17675319Apr 1919Feb 1964
17676320Apr 1919Feb 1964
17677321May 1919Feb 196466A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17678322 1919
5767917679323Jun 1919Jun 196464D65J Stirling
17680324Sep 1919
5768117681280Oct 1919Feb 196466B
5768217682281Nov 1919May 196366D66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17683670Nov 191966B Motherwell
5768417684671Nov 1919Oct 196367C66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17685672Nov 1919
5768617686673Dec 1919Mar 196365B
17687674Dec 191965B St.Rollox(Glasgow)Withdrawn Mar-1939 reinstated 1940
5768817688675Dec 1919May 196467B67E Dumfries
5768917689676Jan 1920Nov 196365F66B Motherwell
5769017690677Jan 1920Feb 196466A66B Motherwell
5769117691678Feb 1920Oct 196265F67B Hurlford
17692679Jan 1920

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 43.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 9.