Class cr 294 m 0-6-0

Class Details
McIntosh development of the Drummond Jumbo design.
Weight: 42 tons; Pressure: 180psi; Cyls: 18x26; DW: 5 ft 0; TE: 21,480 lbs

BR #MR #Caledonian Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
17393711Jun 1895Apr 194966C Hamilton
5739417394712Jun 1895Nov 195165D65D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
5739517395713Jun 1895Mar 195366C68B Dumfries
5739617396714Jul 1896May 195863E63B Stirling
5739717397715Jul 1896Mar 195368B68B Dumfries
5739817398716Jul 1896May 196266C66B Motherwell
17399717Aug 1896Sep 194964D Carstairs
17400718Aug 1896Jul 194961B Aberdeen Ferryhill
17401719Aug 1896Feb 195066C Hamilton
17402720Sep 1896Aug 194963B Stirling
17403736Sep 1896Oct 194966B Motherwell
5740417404737Sep 1896Sep 196166B66B Motherwell
5740517405738Sep 1896Sep 195868B68B Dumfries
17406739Sep 1896Jan 194866B Motherwell
5740717407740Sep 1896May 195966C66C Hamilton
17408741Oct 1896Feb 194866C Hamilton
5740917409742Oct 1896Jan 195068B Dumfries
5741017410743Oct 1896Feb 195366C66C Hamilton
5741117411744Oct 1896Nov 196165B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5741217412745Oct 1896Mar 195666A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5741317413746Nov 1896Oct 195866C66C Hamilton
5741417414747Nov 1896Apr 195966B66B Motherwell
17415748Nov 1896Nov 1949
5741617416749Nov 1896Jul 196166B66D Greenock Ladyburn
5741717417750Feb 1897Oct 196266B66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5741817418751Mar 1897Sep 196166B66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5741917419752Mar 1897May 195966B66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17420753Mar 1897Oct 194966C Hamilton
17421754Mar 1897Sep 194868C Stranraer
17422755Mar 1897Jun 194863B Stirling
5742317423756Mar 1897Mar 195363B63B Stirling
5742417424757Apr 1897Dec 195963B63A Perth
5742517425758Apr 1897Nov 195063B63B Stirling
5742617426759Apr 1897Sep 196165D65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
17427760Apr 1897Jul 194965D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
17428329Sep 1897Aug 1947
5742917429330Sep 1897Sep 196165D65F Grangemouth
5743017430331Sep 1897Sep 195766C66C Hamilton
5743117431332Oct 1897Jun 196166C66B Motherwell
5743217432333Oct 1897Sep 196166A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5743317433564May 1896May 195266A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)after accident at Motherwell May-1952
5743417434565May 1896May 196165B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5743517435566May 1896Feb 196066B66B Motherwell
5743617436567Jun 1896Oct 196166B66B Motherwell
5743717437568Jun 1896Jul 195866B66B Motherwell
5743817438569Jun 1896Apr 195364D64D Carstairs
5743917439570Jun 1896Feb 195366A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17440571Jun 1896May 195068C Stranraer
5744117441572Jun 1896Nov 196163C63A Perth
17442573Jun 1896Jul 194865F Grangemouth
5744317443574Jul 1896Aug 195866A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5744417444575Jul 1896Nov 195966A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5744517445576Nov 1896Aug 196268C67F Stranraer
5744617446577Dec 1896Sep 196166A66B Motherwell
5744717447578Dec 1896Oct 196266A66B Motherwell
5744817448579Dec 1896Feb 196066A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17449580Dec 1896Nov 194963A Perth
5745017450581Dec 1896Mar 195363A63B Stirling
5745117451582Dec 1896Sep 196164D66E Carstairs
17452588Aug 1897Jun 1949
5745317453589Aug 1897Nov 195065B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5745417454590Sep 1897Mar 195365B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5745517455591Sep 1897Jun 195165B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5745617456592Sep 1897Jan 195665D65D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
5745717457593Oct 1897Feb 195665B65B St.Rollox(Glasgow)
5745817458594Oct 1897Oct 195068C68C Stranraer
5745917459595Nov 1897Dec 195666A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5746017460596Nov 1897Jan 195763B63B Stirling
5746117461597Nov 1897Sep 196166B66B Motherwell
5746217462598Nov 1897Jun 195966B66B Motherwell
5746317463599Nov 1897Dec 196166A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5746417464761Apr 1897Feb 195366A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5746517465762May 1897Apr 195966A66A Polmadie(Glasgow)
17466763May 1897Apr 194963B Stirling
5746717467764May 1897Feb 195066A Polmadie(Glasgow)
5746817468765Aug 1897Feb 195263B63B Stirling
17469583Feb 1897Nov 194865D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
5747017470584Feb 1897Sep 196165D65D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
17471585Feb 1897Sep 194865D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
5747217472586Feb 1897Sep 196165D65D Dawsholm(Glasgow)
5747317473587Feb 1897Jun 196163A63A Perth South(CR)Fitted with condensing apparatus for the Glasgow Central low level lines.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 81.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 17.