Class lnwr G1 0-8-0

Class Details
Bowen-Cooke engines built new as Class G1.
Weight: 60 tons; Pressure: 160psi; Cyls: 20 x24; DW: 4 ft 5 ; TE: 25,640 lbs

BR #MR #London & North Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
4915691561384Feb 1912Feb 19519B9B Stockport Edgeley
91591697Feb 1912May 194910A Springs Branch Wigan
4916291622001Mar 1912May 19533B3C Walsall Ryecroft
91651568Mar 1912Sep 19483A Bescot
91661655Apr 1912Mar 19493B Bushbury
91711505May 1912Feb 19523C3C Walsall Ryecroft
91752119May 1912Jan 19483A Bescot
91792345Jun 1912Dec 19482F Coventry
91822393Jun 1912Dec 19476B Mold Jct.
9183674Jul 1912May 19509A Longsight(Manchester)
4918791872162Oct 1912Feb 19529B9B Stockport Edgeley
91902289Nov 1912Feb 195010C Patricroft(Manchester)
9193328Dec 1912Nov 19513C3C Walsall Ryecroft
9194631Dec 1912Oct 1949
91951529Dec 1912Mar 19493C Walsall Ryecroft
91972286Dec 1912May 194810A Springs Branch Wigan
9201326Feb 1913Jun 19482F Coventry
4920492042245Jan 1913May 19513B3B Bushbury
920693Jul 1913Dec 19473B Bushbury
9208670Jul 1913Feb 19513C3C Walsall Ryecroft
92111127Jul 1913Sep 19492D NuneatonRebuilt to G2a Dec 1943 but reverted to G1 Oct 1948.
92132201Aug 1913Oct 19513C3C Walsall Ryecroft
921543Aug 1913Dec 19478C Speke Jct.
92212246Sep 1913Sep 19498C Speke Jct.
4922292222258Sep 1913Oct 19513C3C Walsall Ryecroft
922520Mar 1914Mar 19489D Buxton
92311486Mar 1914Feb 194810B Preston
4923292321500Apr 1914Jun 195010C Patricroft(Manchester)
92332033Apr 1914May 19483B Bushbury
9236351May 1914Mar 19483C Walsall Ryecroft
4924192412336May 1914Oct 195211A3C Walsall Ryecroft
924872Jul 1914May 19493D Aston
9250176Jul 1914Apr 194810B Preston
9251203Jul 1914Jan 19486B Mold Jct.
9255170May 1916Mar 195010C Patricroft(Manchester)
9259982May 1916Mar 194910E Sutton Oak
4926192611217May 1916Mar 19513D3D Aston
92631729Jun 1916Mar 194910A Springs Branch Wigan
9269112Oct 1917Sep 194911A Carnforth
92742088Oct 1917Apr 19483A Bescot
4927992792423Dec 1917Feb 19503A Bescot
9283943Jan 1918Jul 19493B Bushbury
92851313Feb 1918Aug 19493C Walsall Ryecroft
92862082Feb 1918Apr 19483A Bescot
92952297Jul 1917Aug 19483B Bushbury
9297230May 1918Apr 194910B Preston
9303880May 1918Nov 194810E Sutton Oak
93051071May 1918Apr 19499B Stockport Edgeley
93092199Jun 1918Jul 19483D Aston
93202054Sep 1918Nov 1949
4932693261306Oct 1918Aug 19533C3C Walsall Ryecroft
4933293321158Nov 1918Jul 19503A Bescot
93342497Dec 1918Sep 19503A10G Skipton

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 53.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 7.