Class lnwr alfred 4-4-0

Class Details
Webb LNWR 'Alfred the Great' Class 4-cylinder comppounds, rebuilt as 2-cylinder simples and known as the Renown Class.
Weight: 58 tons (37 tons adhesion); Pressure: 200psi; Cyls: HP(2): 16x24; LP(2): 20 x24; DW: 7ft 1; TE: 20,000 lbs.

BR #MR #London & North Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
1941Alfred the GreatMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown in Feb 1922.
1942King Edward VIIMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Sep 1922
1943Queen AlexandraMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Sep 1916
1944Victoria and AlbertJun 1901Feb 1927Allocated LMS number 5118 but not applied.
1945MagnificentMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Sep-1915
1946DiademMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Oct 1914
1947Australia / ZillahMay 1901Renamed in Jun 1911. Rebuilt as Renown Sep 1921
1948CamperdownMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Oct 1915
1949King ArthurMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Jan 1918
1950VictoriousMay 1901Rebuilt as Renown Oct 1922
1951BacchanteFeb 1902Rebuilt as Renown Oct 1913
1952BenbowFeb 1902Rebuilt as Renown Nov 1923
1953FormidableFeb 1902Rebuilt as Renown Dec 1923
1954GalateaFeb 1902Rebuilt as Renown in Oct 1924.
1955HannibalMar 1902Aug 1923
1956IllustriousFeb 1902Jan 1923
1957OrionMar 1902Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1917.
1958Royal OakMar 1902Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1922.
1959RevengeMar 1902Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1916.
1960Francis StevensonMar 1902Rebuilt as Renown in Feb 1918.
1961AlbemarleFeb 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Sep 1915.
1962AuroraFeb 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Jun 1921.
1963BroadiciaFeb 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Jun 1920.
1964CaesarFeb 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Sep 1924.
1965Charles H.MasonFeb 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Aug 1917.
1966CommonwealthFeb 1903Apr 1925rebuilt as Renown
1967CressyMar 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Nov 1923.
1968CumberlandMar 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Jun 1920.
1969DominionMar 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1924.
1970Good HopeMar 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1924.
1971EurylusJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Apr 1913.
1972HindustanJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in March 1921.
1973HoodJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Sep 1921.
1974HoweJul 1903Apr 1928Superheated in May 1921.
1975JupiterJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Jan 1921.
1976Lady GodivaJul 1903Dec 1922
1977MarsJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Feb 1924.
1978MerlinJul 1903Rebuilt as Renown in Dec 1921.
1979NelsonJul 1903Aug 1923
1980NeptuneAug 1903Rebuilt as Renown in May 1922.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 40.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 13.