Class lnwr metro 4-4-0T

Class Details
LNWR 'Metropolitan' type 4-4-0T, 16 locomotives by Beyer, Peacock, many rebuilt to 4-4-2T.
Unrebuilt: Weight: 45 tons; Pressure: 120 psi; Cyls: 17x24; DW: 5ft 9.
Rebuilt to 4-4-2T: Weight: 52 tons; Pressure 130psi; Cyls: 17x24; DW: 5ft 9.

BR #MR #London & North Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
3048(1826)(2055)Jul 1871Nov 1892
3056(1833)(2056)Jul 1871May 1910Rebuilt Nov 1892.
3078(1863)(2057)Jul 1871Feb 1893
3081(1866)(2058)Jul 1871Mar 1907Rebuilt Oct 1892.
3036(1887)(2059)Aug 1871Sep 1911Rebuilt Jun 1892.
3052(1896)(2060)Aug 1871Nov 1892
3055(1897)(2061)Aug 1871Feb 1910Rebuilt May 1892.
3023(1913)(2062)Apr 1872Aug 1910Rebuilt Jun 1892.
3026(1914)(2063)Apr 1872Mar 1897Rebuilt to 4-4-0T compound in Jun 1894.
3080(1929)(2064)Apr 1872Nov 1908Rebuilt Jul 1892.
3044(1919)(2065)Apr 1872Dec 1909Rebuilt Dec 1892.
3072(1956)(2066)May 1872Feb 1911Rebuilt Aug 1892.
3090(1964)(2067)Jul 1872Nov 1890
3092(1969)(2068)Jul 1872Oct 1909Rebuilt Aug 1892.
3093(1971)(2069)Jul 1872Dec 1892
3095(1979)(2070)Jul 1872Feb 1911Rebuilt Nov 1892.

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 16.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 2.