Class 0395 0-6-0

Class Details
Weight: 37 -38 tons; Pressure: 140/150psi; Cyls: 17 x26; DW: 5ft 1; TE: 15535/16,645lbs.
Many engines of this class were sent out to the Middle East to the countries shown where they stayed.
ISR = Iraq State Railways.
JSC = Chemins de Fer de Jonction Salonique-Constantinople.

BR #SR #London & South Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
27Nov 1885Palestine;Syria 1919-21
28Nov 1885Palestine
305643029Nov 1885Apr 195872A83D Exmouth Jct.
30Dec 1885Palastine
305653083Nov 1885Feb 195370C
84Nov 1885Palestine.
305663101Dec 1885Feb 195971A71A Eastleigh
105Dec 1885Palestine, Mesopotamia (ISR 423).
134Dec 1885Salonika (JSC 20).
148Dec 1885Palestine.
3153153Mar 1883Jan 1933Withdrawn to provide spares
305673154Mar 1883Sep 195970B70B FelthamLast of the Class Withdrawn
305683155Mar 1883Apr 195870C70B Feltham
156Mar 1883Mesopotamia (ISR 424).
157Mar 1883Salonika (JSC 21).
158Mar 1883Palestine.
159Mar 1883Palestine.
305693163May 1883May 195670B70B Feltham
164May 1883Palestine.
165May 1883Palestine, Mesopotamia (ISR 425).
166May 1883Palestine, in service to 1936.
305703167May 1883Dec 195670B70B Feltham
168Jan 1886Palestine.
172Jan 1886Palestine.
174Feb 1886Mesopotamia (ISR 426).
175Feb 1886Salonika (JSC 22).
395Nov 1881Palestine, in service to 1936.
396Nov 1881Palestine.
305713397Dec 1881Jun 195371A
398Dec 1881Palestine, in service to 1936.
399Dec 1881Palestine.
305723400Jan 1882Jan 195770B70B Feltham
401Feb 1882Palestine.
402Feb 1882Mesopotamia (ISR 427).
403Mar 1882Mesopotamia (ISR 428).
404Mar 1882Palestine, Mesopotamia (ISR 429).
405Mar 1882Palestine, in service to 1936.
406Mar 1882Palestine, Mesopotania (ISR 430).
305733433Apr 1883Nov 195670B70B Feltham
434Apr 1883Palestine, Mesopotamia (ISR 431).
435Apr 1883Oct 1916Salonika (JSC 23).
305743436Apr 1883Jan 195770C70C Guildford
437Apr 1883Palestine, Mesopotmia (ISR 432).
438May 1883Palestine.
305753439May 1883Dec 195870C70C Guildford
305763440May 1883Dec 195870C70C Guildford
305773441May 1883Feb 195672B70C Guildford
305783442May 1883Aug 195770C70C Guildford
443May 1883Mesopotamia (ISR 433).
444Jun 1883Palestine, in service to 1936.
305793496Oct 1885Jan 195670B70C Guildford
497Nov 1885Palestine.
498Nov 1885Mesopotamia (ISR 434).
499Nov 1885Palestine.
500Nov 1885Mesopotamia (ISR 435).
501Nov 1885Palestine, Syria 1919-21.
502Nov 1885Palestine.
503Nov 1885Palestine, in service to 1936.
504Nov 1885Mesopotamia (ISR 436).
505Nov 1885Mesopotamia (ISR 437).
305803506Dec 1885Jun 195770C70C Guildford
507Dec 1885Palestine.
508Dec 1885Palestine, in service to 1936.
305813509Dec 1885Mar 195372A
510Dec 1885Palestine.
511Dec 1885Salonika (JSC 24).
512Jan 1886Palestine, Mesopotamia (ISR 438)
513Jan 1886Palestine.
514Jan 1886Palestine.
3515Jan 1886Jun 1933Withdrawn to provide spares

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 70.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 16.