Class G6 0-6-0T

Class Details
Adams design.
Weight: 47 tons; Pressure: 160psi; Cyls: 17 x24; DW: 4ft 10; TE: 17,235lbs.

BR #SR #London & South Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
30160160Mar 1900Apr 195970A70D Basingstoke
30162162Apr 1900Mar 195871C83H Plymouth Friary
237Sep 1898Feb 1949SAL Salisbury
30238238Sep 1898Nov 196072B70C GuildfordTransferred to departmental stock as DS682, withdrawn 1963
239Sep 1898Oct 194871B Bournemouth
240Oct 1898Jun 195075G Eastleigh
257Jun 1894Feb 194970A Nine Elms
30258258Aug 1894Jul 196170D70D Basingstoke
259Sep 1894Feb 195170A70A Nine Elms
30260260Sep 1894Nov 195871B71B Bournemouth
261Sep 1894Nov 194871A Eastleigh
262Sep 1894Nov 1949
263Oct 1894Sep 194975G Eastleigh
264Oct 1894Jan 194975G Eastleigh
265Oct 1894Aug 194970D Basingstoke
30266266Oct 1894Jun 196070D72B Salisbury
267Oct 1896Jan 194975G Eastleigh
268Oct 1896Feb 195170C70C Guildford
269Oct 1896Oct 1949
30270270Nov 1896Jan 195970C72B Salisbury
271Dec 1897Sep 194870A Nine Elms
272Feb 1898Aug 1960Transferred to departmental stock as DS3152.
273Feb 1898Mar 194970A Nine Elms
30274274Feb 1898Oct 196071H71B Bournemouth
275Feb 1898Oct 1960
30276276Mar 1898Dec 1949
30277277Apr 1900Nov 196171H70C Guildford
278May 1900Dec 194870D Basingstoke
279Nov 1898Dec 194872B Salisbury
348Jun 1900Aug 194870D Basingstoke
30349349Jun 1900Jul 196170C70B Feltham
351Jun 1900Feb 194975G Eastleigh
353Jun 1900Feb 195170A70A Nine Elms
354Jun 1900Nov 1949

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 34.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 8.