Class Gem 2-4-0

Class Details
Beattie Gem class 2-4-0.
Weight 31 tons 12 cwt; Pressure: 120psi; Cyls(O): 16x22 (later 17x22).

BR #SR #London & South Western Railway #NameBuiltWdrn1950 shedLast shedNotesPhotos
55MedusaMar 1863Apr 1884Milage: 609,613
56MentorApr 1863Oct 1885Milage: 542,115
57MeteorMay 1863Nov 1885Milage: 521,561
67AeolusAug 1863Jun 1885Milage: 483,355
78HecateMay 1863May 1885Milage: 489,926
107GemDec 1862Nov 1885Milage: 560,016

Number of locomotives logged in this class is 6.

Number of locomotives with photos available in this class: 0.