St Sampson's Church

East end and tower of St Sampson's Church.

Likely founded as a Norman church, the building is of 15th century fabric rebuilt in the mid-19th century. The top part of the tower was removed at the same time, and a new top built in 1910.

The church was closed in 1969 and reopened as an over-60s' centre in 1974. A service is held at noon on Wednesdays in the north east end of the former chancel. For the over-60s there is a small restaurant service and one can retire from the hustle and bustle of the city centre with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a curd tart into the enclosed former churchyard during the summer months.

Statue of St Sampson.
St. Sampson was a British monk in the 6th century who became a bishop in Brittany.

Photo: taken 2 February 2007
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2008.

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