21,22 Colliergate

Early 17th century.

Built as timber-framed houses about 1600. Number 21 (on right) has the older structure with some timbers existing from the 16th century.

For many years Number 21 was occupied by an armshouse, described in A History of York from Baine's Gazetteer (1823):
"Mason's Hospital, in Colliergate, was founded by a widow of that name, in 1732, for the use of six poor widows, who have an annual income from the original benefactress of one pound a year, and from the benevolent Countess of Conyngham, of fifty shillings, producing to each of them yearly, three pounds ten shillings."(10 shillings = 50p).
The Victoria History of the City of York states that the house was "converted by 1946 to five bedsitting-rooms. In 1939 there were only 3 inmates, who each received a stipend of £10. The hospital was closed and derelict in 1958."

Photo: taken 3 June 2007
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2008.

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