The Foss north

Looking north east from Foss bridge.

This is the area that was flooded by William I to become the King's Fishpool when the Foss was dammed to provide water for the ditches round the new castle. Foss bridge was to the south of this pool, with Layerthorpe bridge to the north.

Slowly, over the years, the pool silted up and filled with rubbish. The 15h century Foss Bridge had three arches over the widened river, but by the 17th century one of these had been filled in with silt. The name 'Foss Islands' came into use in the 18th century indicating the increase in the silt in the pool. In 1793 the Foss Navigation Company was formed and set about making the Foss navigable through Foss Islands. This enterprise was never very successful and in 1853 the Foss Islands were purchased by the corporation and drained and the land reclaimed for a road, a railway yard and municipal works. In the 20th century, barges plied up the river to Leedham's Mill, the gas works and Rowntree's. Now there is talk of using the river once again, but this time for pleasure.

Photo: taken 16 April 2006
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2008.

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