St Olave's

St Olave's Church from Museum Gardens.

Founded in the first half of the 11th century the church was give to monks to form the nucleus of St. Mary's Abbey. The new abbey church was built to the east and St. Olive's became a chapel for use by the parish. In the latter part of the 14th century the maintenance of the church was passed to the parish. By the late 15th century the church was enlarged and this is the date of the northern wall and the tower. During the civil war the roof of the church was used by the Parliamentarians as a gun platform in the siege of York (1644) and the church badly damaged. It was rebuilt by Charles II but was in such disrepair by the beginning of the 18th century that much had to be rebuilt. The stone used was mined from the ruins of the adjacent abbey building. In the late 19th century a chancel and organ chambers were built. (Ref. 1c)

Photo: taken 4 June 2007
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2009.

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