St. Michael's

12th/15th/19th century.

This is a pre-conquest church site, though the oldest part of the current building (the nave arcades) is 12th century. The church was rebuilt in the 15th century and the visible walls in this photo (on to Low Ousegate and Spurriergate) date from 1821 when the two roads were widened at the expense of the church.

Until 1967, the church had a taller tower on which was mounted the clock. On shortening the tower, the clock was remounted in its current position on the south face (where on the day of the photo it was running about 3 minutes slow). The tower contained the curfew bell, which until 1931 traditionally rung at 8pm. (Ref.1)

The building now operates as a restaurant.

Photo: taken 16 April 2006
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2008.

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