St. Cuthbert's

15th century with an 11th century fragment.

The church is mentioned in the Domesday book and was possibly founded in the early 11th century. It was rebuilt in the 15th century though a fragment of the older church from the 11th century remains built into the east wall.

The east wall of the 11th century.

The church was almost lost in the mid 16th century but was saved by Sir Martin Bowes of London, a descendant of William Bowes, the initiator of the 15th century rebuilding.

When walking the walls, a sudden bend behind the church to include the church within the walls came about because of the church's apparent position, just outside the old line of the Anglo-Scandinavian defences which the medieval wall followed.

Photo: taken 4 June 2007
Photo Copyright Dave Woodcock 2008.

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