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York Within the Walls

A virtual, self-directed walk around the streets of York within the Bar Walls

York is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom, primarily because of the well preserved medieval cathedral (the largest in Northern Europe), churches, streets (including the famous Shambles), city walls and gates or 'bars' (the complete circuit and all four major gates, including one complete with barbican), and museums (Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum and the National Railway Museum).
The course of the majority of the streets in the centre of York appeared before the 1066 Norman Conquest and as a result, the whole of the centre can easily be covered on foot, including a circumnavigation of the entire centre on the Bar Walls.
A brief outline history of the formation of the streets of York is here.


Walking the streets 'Within the Walls'

This website allows you to 'wander' through the streets of York within the Bar Walls, preview the sights you would see on an actual walk and see the history of the street and its buildings.

Each page in the walk consists of a street scene on the left and a description on the right together with clickable directions. Hovering over these directions with the mouse will change the text on the right-hand side.

Starting at any point the links enable the whole of the centre of York (Within the Walls) to be covered should you be so inclined!

To start, click on one of the following indexes.

Street Index: Choose a street to start a walk.
Starting at one end of the chosen street.

Place Index: Choose a place to start a walk.
Starting in the street outside the chosen place.

Walk Index: Choose a prearranged walk.
Follow the walk and read the history of the location being passed.

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